Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day! 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Valeire Ross, Doris Ross, Karen Ross

Our church, Bethel in Chehalis WA had a  Mothers day tea.  They asked for quilts and other handmade items to be brought so they could be displayed.  The tables were decorated very nice and Hats and Gloves were encouraged but  not required.  It was a nice day, well it was a nice morning, the tea started at 10AM, so we all had to be up and about very early.  I was fortunate to have Doris, Larry's Mom with me and my daughter Valerie.  Luckily she was scheduled to work at 3:30 pm, so she was able to make the tea.

I had brought some items that I had counted cross stitched and a quilt I had made for Valerie that she took to the Babysitters for nap time.  I also had made the teddy bear bank, the crocheted blanket and the crocheted baby sweater, hat and booties.

The planners had wanted us to bring things that had a story, like something your mother or grandmother made, my Mom was not that kind of crafty, yes she sewed me some clothes, but I no longer have those dresses, My Mom could however take a white sheet, a box of rit dye and make a fantastic halloween costume, she could go to a thrift store and see adress, and be able to create a costume.  I was  a bride with a white strapless dress.  I was Little red riding hood with a red satin dress from the 40's, just perfect. My sister was a nun, my brother an Ace of Spades.  So what I brought to share were the things that I had made for Valerie, and the counted cross stitch items that I have made over the years.

I have a few more photos of the other items that were on display, I will post those another time.

Happy Mothers Day!