Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tulips, My Favorite!

I have a group of friends who annually make a calendar, we each pick a month, or maybe two months, we each make 12 pages all the same for that particular month, we send them to one of the ladies, who collects all of the pages, and binds them into a calendar, then sends us the finished project.  It is a great little calendar to have on my desk.  Each month is different, and it is fun to get them back.  This card was done with some left over Tulips, my month was April, and the tulip stamp just jumped off the rack!  I used 4 tulips per page, and I colored each one with colored pencils, in a different color, and I tried to be creative and tried to shade them, they turned out pretty good.

Trip around the world/Christmas

I have had the material for this quilt for some time now, I cut the strips according to Eleanor Burns, Trip Around the World, then I stopped and put it all away, away for a long time.  After I finished my King Sized quilt, I pulled this one out and I have been working on it at craft night at church for the past few months.  I pulled it out yesterday and finished it, and I do like it.  On the selvage edge of one of the pieces of material it gave a copyright date of 1991.  That means that the material is as old as my daughter!  So to say I have had the material for while would be an understatement!  I had a large piece of one of the materials and I assumed it was large enough for the back, however, I am incorrect so I will need to visit a quilting store to purchase enough of something 'christmas-ie' for the back.  It is lap-sized and I think it is a great size for one person.  I checked through my fabric stash, and I have other fabrics, a group of pink, purple and green, would be nice for a little girl, and I have bright colors that I purchased on the clearance racks.  So maybe I will get them out and cut them into strips as this design is nice looking and Eleanor Burns makes it easy to put it together.

Birthday card for Cory

Our friend Cory turned 50 this year, so I needed a 'man' card, of course all of mine are flowers, hearts, pastel colors etc.  So I sat down and made this card for him.  I like this stained glass stamp, I have several, but this one is the most manly of them.  I took this photo without the flash, so it is yellow, the colors were much better on the original.