Friday, May 4, 2012

Bright colors/Masculine card

The white scallop with the yellow circle looks like a daisy!
I used the Bird punch from Stampin' Up!
 I used this card as a thank you for one of the speakers, (a man) from our Ladies Breakway at Seaside

Going for masculine card 

This card could be used for any occasion, and I like to use word stamps, but leaving the front without a word makes this more universal, I can stamp anything on the inside, but if I stamp thank you on the outside, and I need birthday card, well, then I am out of luck!
Love this set, I love tulips!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Green Galore

Used a little bit of 'bling' on this one, I find them difficult to work with, I prefer brads and eyelets!

Just like stamping off the edge of the card,
place the emblishment off of the card, yes you have
to use a larger envelope, but I like it.

I used masking technique for the flowers, stamping the large flower first, then stamp it on scrap paper, cut it out, then lay it over the design, and stamp the smaller flowers.
Love Green, just about any shade, but Green Galore is my
favorite, of course it is not a current color for Stampin' Up!

Same card, just pink instead of green

The purple layer was rolled with Versamark ink, then embossed with a glittery embossing powder, the green strip was punched with a single hole punch then cut to look like to was torn out of a wire notebook.
My color palette is definitely the bold bright colors LOVE them!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Used Jumbo roller for background
also used glitter embossing powder
 This another set from Billie's house,  My stamping style has changed thru the years, I used to like large images that I could color in, like a coloring book, but I have transitioned to images that I can stamp with 1 ink color and they are done!

Dark purple/almost black

Billie and I took a class and the teacher suggested that we make our own background paper using embossing powders, plain or with glitter, rather than paying the high price for glittery paper!  Good Idea!  I kept the dark purple one very simple, no background at all.

Friday, April 27, 2012


In Washington we have lots of trees, and they are beautiful all times of the year, the silhouettes in the winter when the leaves are gone is beautiful as the sun set behind them.  In my front yard I have 3 maples that turn a bright red in the fall, and they are beautiful.  This set belongs to my friend Julene and I need to return it to her, but I just love it use it, and I always think, "I'll just use it one more time before I return it."

They are awesome in just about any color you use
for the images, green is a natural of course

This is a similar card that I made for the Pastor's birthday,
Oh Happy Day is an awesome song that we sing in church

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

'New' Stamp set

Why do things have to change?  Why is everyone trying to make it 'better'?  Came in today to add a post and things are different!  I hate change, but maybe that is just human nature!  One of my friends was moving & she was selling some Stampin' Up Stamp sets, so I picked this one up.  One day I brought only that set to the table to create with, and I like the results.

Orange & yellow one of my favorite combination

Brown and blue not bad either!
It is a retired stamp set called Nature's Wonders, also have a leaf image and a flower image.  The rubber is an ivory color which means it was a hostess set or perhaps a  Sale-a-Bration set.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beautiful weekend

This has been a GREAT weekend, the weather has cooperated so much, lovely sunshine, I can hear the birds singing, the lawnmowers are running in the neighborhood, just a fantastic weekend. 

I think it is still a tad too early to plant anything new outside.  I would like to get the garden going, however then I have to water it each day, and the weather is still unpredictable.  But soon very soon I can get some plants out in the garden.

Have not done any crafting this weekend, yesterday I was making salads to take to a memorial service for a friend who's father passed away.  Decided to post a few cards today.  Hope you enjoy.

Trying for a 'Man' Card, liked the word stamp,
you can just never have too many word stamps!

The Indian is an interesting stamp, one of Billie's, of course!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Nestabilities My first set

 I purchased at Michaels with mh 40% off coupon my first set of Nestabilities.  I chose the round with scallop and I LOVE them!  I used them at Billie's & decided I needed at least one set.
 Once I started using them I could not stop!  I kept looking for stamps that would 'fit' into the circles.  I had a great time using them.
 Some of these stamps are quite old. The girl above is an unmounted stamp, this Puppy is from D.O.T.S. or Close to my Heart.
This angel is also from D.O.T.S or Close to my Heart I do like ORANGE, and the blue and yellow are great additions.  I used my score plan on the bottom half of the card adding small ridges to just the bottom quarter of the card.

Seaside Oregon 2nd weekend in April

Driftwood at Seaside Oregon

Almost like a sea monster!

Seaside Oregon, such a beautiful place
Spent a GREAT weekend with Billie at Seaside Oregon. It was the annual Ladies Breakaway/Retreat from Bethel Church.  Great time at the Beach, speakers Marshall & Leslye Snider.  It is an annual event that Billie and I have attended for maybe 4 years now.  It is wonderful to hear the ocean roar, it never ends.  We had Beautiful weather this weekend, not a drop of rain at all!  WhooHoo!  Still had to wear layer of clothes and definitely our coats, but so wonderful.  Of course I missed the family, good to be home!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Final 2 cards from Billie's house

 Final card made at Billies.  It is over sized but sometimes the larger cards are nice for a change
The stamps were a little set of 4 from Hero Arts and I thought the pink, blue and green was an awesome combination.  I also like to use Billie's edge punches, I have been trying to purchase these types of punches for my "collection" and every so often I can add to my collection.  Also used were her nestabilities for the label shape.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I told you I was 'into' making my own backgrounds!  This fish card was specifically made for a birthday card for one of the Pastors at church.  I had used Billie's fish stamp before but I really liked the colors on this one. 

 I was using her Nestabilities and really like the scallop oval. The dragon fly is awesome.

I think this was my favorite of the day, I love the butterfly and the greens and yellows are awesome.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter weekend 2012

It has been a very long time since I have added anything to my blog.  I have been busy doing this & that & I have tried to stay busy in the crafty way.  A couple of weekends ago I went out to Billie's house and we had a great day, I arrived around noon, left after 10pm.  These are a few of the cards that I made using Billie's stuff.

I was really 'into' making my own backgrounds, I added the colors using a small dauber, starting with the lightest shade, working into the darker ones.  Then I just stamped with black ink.  Over all I liked the way the cards turned out.