Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trip around the world/Christmas

I have had the material for this quilt for some time now, I cut the strips according to Eleanor Burns, Trip Around the World, then I stopped and put it all away, away for a long time.  After I finished my King Sized quilt, I pulled this one out and I have been working on it at craft night at church for the past few months.  I pulled it out yesterday and finished it, and I do like it.  On the selvage edge of one of the pieces of material it gave a copyright date of 1991.  That means that the material is as old as my daughter!  So to say I have had the material for while would be an understatement!  I had a large piece of one of the materials and I assumed it was large enough for the back, however, I am incorrect so I will need to visit a quilting store to purchase enough of something 'christmas-ie' for the back.  It is lap-sized and I think it is a great size for one person.  I checked through my fabric stash, and I have other fabrics, a group of pink, purple and green, would be nice for a little girl, and I have bright colors that I purchased on the clearance racks.  So maybe I will get them out and cut them into strips as this design is nice looking and Eleanor Burns makes it easy to put it together.

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