Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Calendar page Washington Calendar Project

I will try to get these calendar pages posted in the month they belong!  This is the calendar page for March 2017.

This is a project that I had gotten familiar with from a friend I met on-line who lives in Wisconsin, 12 people participate, making 12 calendar pages for one month,  I gather the finished pages from everyone, and punch holes at the top, and create a calendar for each lady for the year.  So each person only make 1 month/design but ends up with a complete calendar!

I participate in this project with the ladies from Wisconsin, and I started a calendar group with the ladies who stamp with me and with Bobbie Hartsell here in Washington.  I failed to post to my blog January and February so I will 'catch up' then post each page at the beginning of the month they were created for!

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  1. Lots of green perfect for St. Patties day. Cute calendar page.