Monday, April 16, 2012

Nestabilities My first set

 I purchased at Michaels with mh 40% off coupon my first set of Nestabilities.  I chose the round with scallop and I LOVE them!  I used them at Billie's & decided I needed at least one set.
 Once I started using them I could not stop!  I kept looking for stamps that would 'fit' into the circles.  I had a great time using them.
 Some of these stamps are quite old. The girl above is an unmounted stamp, this Puppy is from D.O.T.S. or Close to my Heart.
This angel is also from D.O.T.S or Close to my Heart I do like ORANGE, and the blue and yellow are great additions.  I used my score plan on the bottom half of the card adding small ridges to just the bottom quarter of the card.


  1. Congratulations on your first set of Nesties! I know you will love them. I had no idea that until now, you didn't have these. It's a good thing I've been collecting for a while because my husband has put a halt to my crafty expenditures lol!!

  2. Billie has so many and I used them occasionally, but the last few times I went there I used more of them, and she has stamp sets and the matching die cut with is also awesome! The crafty expenditures do add up quickly, and I have been trying not to buy stuff as I have so much stuff not used already! Take care!