Monday, October 11, 2010

Mitford Tea and Quilt Show October 9th 2010

Entryway to the  Tea Room aka Fireside Room

Quilts lined both sides

These were dated circa 1920

This is a quilt that my Mom had, but I don't know who made it.

This is a quilt top draped accross the chair is one that Larry's Grandma, Mable Brumley made.

Jacket made by a friend of my moms, the back is bargello.

At Bethel Church in Chehalis, we had a Mitford Tea and Quilt Show.  Mitford is a town created by author Jan Karon, she has many books, and even created a cookbook based on the food mentioned in her books.  The church asked for quilts to be brought in for display, and boy oh boy were they varied, and beautiful.  I just love quilts and it was awesome to see some very old ones, dated to 1920 and some very new ones, it was awesome.  The church borrowed teacups and saucers, so at each table no two cups were the same, they also borrowed teapots and again no two were the same.  We had wonderful food, little finger food type of sandwiches and sweets.  We also had 3 of Esther's Orange Marmalade Cakes to enjoy.  Larry's Mom Doris prepared 2 of the 3 cakes, very good.   It was an awesome day. 

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