Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday 10-15-14

It's Wednesday, some weeks I have LOTS of stuff planned for after work, but this week, NOTHING, there is nothing on the calendar! Last week was super busy, this week, nothing!  Life is kinda like that everything comes to you at once or nothing at all!

This card is from Stampin' Up! Walk in the Wild (130354) that I borrowed from my friend and Upline Bobbie Hartsell.  I wanted to design a card to make at my monthly workshop.  I spent the entire weekend, with all, (well most of anyway), my stamping stuff on the kitchen/dining table and this is one of the designs I came up with, Pacific Point blue, I like the monochromatic look of cards, so I kept it simple, but who has seen a blue moose?! 

I have been experimenting with different folds, so on this one I folded the front back at the 1/2 way point, and added an embossed strip to the 'inside' of the card, because I used a dark paper, I added a white strip that is hidden when the card is closed for a verse/sentiment.  

I also used the new Photopolymer set of background designs, Borderettes (133662) I lined 3 strips up on the block then stamped and it fills a card pretty fast.  I keep turning to them project after project, when I need 'something' for the background.

I had a corduroy button in Pacific Point Blue so I added it to the lower left corner.

Thanks for stopping by,  Have a GREAT Wednesday!

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  1. Boy loving both of the monochromatic cards. That blue and the images are so cool stamped in the blue. I love them. Great cards.. Hugs.