Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A New Year, 2017 Here I come!

Well the New Year is here, seems like I was very busy in 2016 and expect the same to hold true for 2017.

Getting ready for my Stampin' Up! workshops in January, I hold workshops on the first Wednesday and subsequent Thursday of the month. AKA today!

Over the weekend I was busy in my stamp room, forsaking un-decorating the house, much to the surprise of my dear husband!

What I came up with was a Baby Card! I borrowed the stamp set from my friend Bobbie, and went to town.

 I like to create the card we will be making, the blue one shown here, although the colors we will be using will be more neutral, boy or girl.  I have a lot, a lot of DSP and I need to use it!  That was my focus on these first 2 cards.

While I borrowed the stamp set from Bobbie, I own the framelets for this set, so I stamped then punched out the images so now I have a small box of ready to go images when I need a baby card.

The blue card is not even using the stamp set, just the framelets, so you don't 'have to buy' the matching stamp set, the framelets can be used on their own.
 I made my own background on this card, this way I could coordinate it to the ink/paper color exactly.

I used an older set of borders, stamped the 2 lines diagonally, (so you can't tell that I am not straight!) then stamped the diaper pins, then borders again, both images on the same block, then diaper pins going in the opposite direction.  Hint if you are not going to see the middle of the card, (the large medallion covers up much of the center of the card), and your borders do not go across the whole card, stamp from the center to the left side, then after reinking, stamp from the center to the right side, if the images so not match up perfectly, no one knows!
Here I layered a white card with a white layer, just slightly smaller and again made my own background to match the ink and paper.

I hope this inspires you to create something today!

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  1. Really cute. I have a card I need to make for design team and it's baby related.. Thanks for the ideas. Really cute.