Friday, January 6, 2017

Swan Lake 1st Act

This is a stamp set that I won when I attended a Stampin' Up! event in Phoenix!

I was not too sure of the swan image, as I think of swans being white, but in reality they are a dirty white/gray.

There is a field in our town where the farmer grows corn, and has a corn maze at Halloween time, then then the stalks are removed the field floods with our rains, and give it just a bit of time and a huge number (not sure what you call a lot of swans, not a gaggle, not a pack, not a litter...) of swans, but they just love that muddy field.

I think it is pretty special to see this gathering of swans, and sometime Canadian Geese join the swans, now with the freezing cold of December the swans have moved on.

The local paper ran an article about our swans and they like flooded corn fields, and they are digging into the soft mud to get bugs, and in the process then can ingest lead shot that my have been buried for years, but since they are digging down so far they can come across the lead slugs, then they die from lead poisoning, and any animal who eats the dead swan can get lead poisoning also.

In the front of the card I did fussy cut the swan out, (there is not a coordinating framelet for this image/set) and I used my blender pen and ink and made a gray/yellowish shadow on the swan.

On the inside I stamped the cat tail image, Lilly pad image and the small dragon flies. I then colored them with the blender pen and ink.

Sometimes I have to use a set, and refer to Pinterest to get ideas for the cards!

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  1. I think I have seen that swan in the corn field.. lol looks awesome. great paper choice for the background.