Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long Beach Washington

Larry and I just returned from a short trip to Long Beach WA. We decided to take off right after church on Sunday, we packed a few items, and took off.  No reservations, no plans.  We ended up staying at this cute Cottage, and had a great time.  It was a 5-7 minute walk to the beach, we got there late in the day, so we did hike down to the sand, and walked along it for a bit.  However it was cold and very windy, so we did not stay down there too long.  The cabin was very nice, 2 bedrooms, so it was more than we needed, but since we were winging it, it was just fine.  We only stayed 1 night, on Monday we headed to town, and I visted a quilt shop and I did buy a stack of 5 inch squares with a few Fat Quarters, that I think will work into a great quilt.  After we ate lunch I said lets go walk on the Boardwalk, it is almost a 1/2 mile walk, and when we were almost to the end it began raining, so we took cover and waited for the rain to go away.  The beach is awesome all the time, no matter what the weather, so we were a bit damp but we dried out pretty quickly!

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